This is one of the most popular videos on my heavily viewed YouTube channel. It will show you how to tie the basic rig that is used for all of the fishing in this book.


This was my first attempt to learn if fish hit Gulp grubs because they looked good on a jig, or whether they would just eat them up as food. It took only a few seconds to get the answer as porgies rushed in!


It wasn’t my intention, but the video below turns out to be an incredible Gulp commercial. I’m dragging Gulp Squidos on a plain hook behind the camera. This bait has tentacles and is meant to be jigged. The problem is that I can’t jig the camera or else the video will be too bouncy. The result is I’m basically dragging a blob of Gulp through the water with the tentacles curled up. I didn’t know how bad the offering looked in the water until I reviewed the video, but how would the fluke react? They gobbled the stuff right up! Several of the fish nose right up to it first, grab, then swallow. Because I had a hook protector on the hook to avoid hooking fish on the camera rig, the bait sometimes came out of their mouth when they pulled away. They would just grab it again – over and over!

An underwater look at fluke reacting to live baits.