Here’s an underwater look at fluke choosing a jigging rig with Gulp over real bait dragged through the water.


A look at some of the gear I prefer for light tackle jigging.


When you need extra power to pull big fluke from deep waters, this amazing 13 ounce Maxel reel is perfect.



For me, this is the video that pulls it all together. In 18 minutes of fishing I’ll attempt to set the hook 22 times, hook 21 fluke, and land 20 of them. This very high conversion rate is due in part to proper rod selection. The rod is sensitive enough to detect the often subtle feeling of weight while jigging, but has a firm enough tip to put lively action on the rig and enough backbone to bury the hook. The other key to converting a high percentage of hits to landed fish is proper timing with respect to setting the hook. I’m keyed on that feeling of extra weight while bouncing the jig, and when I feel it, I set hard. Because the hooks on my rig are an appropriate size, style, and are razor sharp, they penetrate and hold easily. The effectiveness of the rapid jigging action also stands out on this drift.